[digiKam-users] face tagging persistently ignore a face

Thomas sdktda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:08:18 GMT 2023

On 2023-03-02 13:00, Travis Kelley wrote:
> Yes.  When you "ignore" a face, you are essentially marking that face 
> with a name of "ignore".  Other software will see the tag in the 
> metadata of that photo.

Does this mean that it is problematic to tag exceptionally blurry faces 
as "ignore" in that this could result in some kind of "catch all face" 
that will match a lot of faces incorrectly?

PS. What about the "This is not a face" (red X button) - does this also 
just tag the detected face region as a "not face" tag? Or does it rather 
just throw the face out of the detected faces pile (thus, resulting in 
this image region being re-detected as a face some later time)? Or how 
does this work?

I have noticed that when I have a picture with high entropy regions like 
a heap of gravel or rocks, it will often detect faces in that "noise". I 
always click "This is not a face" but I have a feeling that the same 
regions keep turning up when I do face detection again. But maybe it is 
just other regions of the same "noise"?


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