Storing jpegs and raw files in different directory structures

Warren Baird warren at
Sun Jun 11 23:00:06 BST 2023

Hi all,

slightly odd question:  I have a laptop that I use to work with my 
photos when I'm not at home.   I synchronize my digikam directory 
between my primary computer and my laptop with unison.

Unfortunately my digikam directory is getting so large that I am running 
out of space on my laptop, which only has a single NVMe slot, so I can't 
easily increase the amount of disk space there.

I normally shoot with my camera set to record both jpg and raw files, 
and the raw files are a *lot* bigger than the jpegs, however, 99% of the 
time I work with the jpg files, I only rarely have to do something with 
the raw files (i.e. if something ends up being really underexposed, etc.)

What I'd like to do to resolve this is have to parallel versions of my 
digikam directory, one with jpg, one with raw files, and then I can just 
sync the jpg directory to my laptop.

I can definitely write a python script that periodically trolls through 
my directory and moves any raw files it finds into the appropriate spot 
in the other directory, but it might be easier if there was some 
built-in way to do it in digikam.

Any ideas?   I'm ok using a script to split the directories now - but 
it'd be nice in the future if I could tell digikam to put jpgs in this 
structure, and raw files in this structure when I'm importing new files.



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