[digiKam-users] Disable writing Face Tag name to XPM Subject

Manfred Lober manfred.lober at gmx.de
Mon Feb 27 22:01:34 GMT 2023

Hi community,

this is my very first question to digiKam community.

Is there a possibility to achieve following behaviour of digiKam for Face
Tags and XMP Subject?
  (1) Write Face Tags including face areas to XMP "Metadata Working Group
  (2) Don't write people name of Face Tags to Xmp.dc.subject "Dublin Core".
  (3) Write any other Image Tags as shown in Captions / Tags to
Xmp.dc.subject "Dublin Core".

I tried different settings in Metadata / Behaviour and Metadata / Advanced,
but no success.
Item / Write Metadata to File does not work if I disable Metadata /
Behaviour / Image Tags.

Only workaround I found is using Item / Edit Metadata to add my tags
manually to Xmp.dc.subject  "Dublin Core".

I don't want people names in subject because of Synology Photo Station 6
Smart-Albums, which use subject tags for general tags.
For face tags read from XMP "Metadata Working Group Regions" there is
already a Smart-Album.

Manfred Lober
(from Germany)

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