[digiKam-users] Open with... Darktable

Olivier Croquette ocroquette at free.fr
Sun Feb 19 13:31:04 GMT 2023

On 19/02/2023 00:35, digikam at 911networks.com wrote:
> No, this is to use other software to do the demosaic for DK. What I'm 
> looking for is the other way around.
> DK is the DAM. I select the image with DK then send it to either Darktable or ART/RawTherapee to do the processing.


I asked myself the same question a while ago. I did not find a way to 
use F4, but I set ART as default application for RAW files, and now I 
can open it using CTRL-F4, which is OK for me.


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