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Sat Aug 19 14:00:35 BST 2023

Thanks all. Good to know.  I have been using Openstreetmaps (OSM) to continue to use digiKam. I'm geolocating 1000's of digitized slides and find it considerably less useful than even "for development use only" Google maps. For me, OSM doesn't have the same level of annotated or relief detail locating photos taken at historical, archeological, landmark and less travelled sites. With Google maps I can often easily identify a location based on a roof or structural profile or a landform. Not so OSM.

Does "have to completely remove> > > the> > > Google Map view for the time being." mean their is a solution? Thanks and regards. Alan

On August 18, 2023, at 2:37 PM, Alan H <webaccounts at> wrote:

I was working with Google maps locating photos a few days ago. Today it is not available – cannot be displayed. Is there something I can do? I haven’t changed any settings. Thanks. (digiKam 7.10.0, Windows 10)

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