digikam 8.1 - problem with migration mysql > sqlite

Cesar Inacio Martins cesar.inacio.martins at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 14:03:51 BST 2023


After a couple of years without using my DK, I finally returned to it.

So, I've upgraded from version 7.4 to 8.1.
I used the Internal MySQL before because I have ~80k photos.
Now, to solve an old issue with face recognition, I decided to rerun it
over all my albums to exclude the faces from all photos and detect all
again ( not people, yet, only detect faces).
I've done that using MySQL as a database.

During this process, rereading the manuals, I saw there is an essential
improvement on sqlite, where it became recommended even for libraries with
~100k photos.

When I finished all face recognition, which took ~ 1 week, I migrate my
database back to sqlite.
The migration ran fine.
However, when I set the DK to sqlite and put my albums to now recognize the
faces, they give the error message : "face recognition is aborted, because
there are no identities to recognize. Please add new identities"

Then I connected both databases and did a count(*) on tables and see at
recognition.db, no data was imported.
I tried this migration twice, one with WAL enabled and the second attempt
with it disabled.

Is that expected or is it a defect?


> Settings          |count(*)|
> ------------------+--------+
> Settings          |      20|
> Identities        |     148|
> IdentityAttributes|     444|
> FaceMatrices      |   14687|
> KDTree            |       0|

SQLite - after migration

> "Settings"        |count(*)|
> ------------------+--------+
> Settings          |       2|
> Identities        |       0|
> IdentityAttributes|       0|
> FaceMatrices      |       0|
> KDTree            |       0|
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