how to enable gmic support in digikam?

Thomas Klausner wiz at
Fri Apr 21 10:17:58 BST 2023

On Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 07:29:07AM +0200, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> What happens if you use my script on the root
> directory of the repository to configure the project ?

That worked and helped me find the issue - I needed to set
-DENABLE_SYSTEM_GMIC=OFF like that script does.

I've packaged the plugin for pkgsrc now. Thank you for writing it and
the help in getting it working!

I tried it out and noticed that some filters show error messages in
the preview. I've attached a screenshot example from the "Morphology
Painting" filter. I saw similar errors (with varying text) for
'Illustration Look', 'Lineart', 'Painting', and others; many others
(e.g., 'Pen Drawing', 'Pastell Art') however seem to work fine.

Do I have some dependencies missing? Or are these bugs and should be
reported on the gmic-qt plugin github repository?

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