Tutorial: 'Setup of digiKam for Windows compatibility' – any updates?

Paul A. Norman paul at paulanorman.info
Thu Apr 20 08:14:05 BST 2023


I have been working through the following very helpful tutorial for Digikam establishment under Windows 10 on my own and a few friends' PCs...

‘Digikam/Tutorials/Setup of digiKam for Windows compatibility’


On the first machine I successfully upgraded from 7.10 to 8.0.0, and it runs very nicely thank you.

While noting that the tutorial was prepared under DigiKam 7.4, I was however left concerned by this statement in the above tutorial ...

“What you need to know –


“You have to re-check the Metadata settings every time you update digiKam to a new version, before you resume using digiKam as usual. 
★ Currently (digiKam 7.4) you do need to repeat the manual Metadata setting changes after each digiKam update.”

1) When I looked at the upgraded 8.0.0, it seemed that the alterations I had made, following the above 7.4 tutorial, (under 7.10), had been retained in the upgrade to 8.0.0.

—Is that generally so now, or could other changes made under 7.10 have been lost while upgrading to 8.0.0?

2)  Also, are there other things that have changed regarding the tutorial: 
‘Digikam/Tutorials/Setup of digiKam for Windows compatibility’ 
since Digikam 7.4, and with recent upgrades of Windows 10 (and what about 11)?

Any pointers appreciated please before I roll out any more installations under Windows 10 :-)

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