how to enable gmic support in digikam?

Thomas Klausner wiz at
Wed Apr 19 10:21:59 BST 2023


I read in the news for digikam 8 that G'MIC QT is now better

I've packaged digikam 8 for pkgsrc and started it, but I'm not sure
where to find G'MIC in the GUI. I started 'Image Editor' and looked in
the 'Enhance' menu but there is no entry for it
says I should look for "G'MIC-Qt" there, but I only see 11 other

I checked if I need to give CMake any arguments to enable this. With
grep(1) I came up with one, but adding -DENABLE_SYSTEM_GMIC=ON didn't
change anything.

I have gmic 3.2.3 installed from pkgsrc, a ${PREFIX}/bin/gmic_qt
binary is available.

How can I enable G'MIC support in digikam, or am I just overlooking
something? Is it a packaging issue (in digikam? or gmic?), what do I
need to change?


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