Fonts and DK 8.0

Dougie Nisbet dougie at
Mon Apr 17 20:30:52 BST 2023

I've had similar issues after upgrading to dual BenQ 28" 3840x2160 
monitors a couple of months ago. I don't believe it's specific to 
digiKam and you may find this behaviour happens inconsistently across 
apps. If you do a web search on small fonts on large displays for linux 
you'll find a lot of mixed information. It usually seems to involve 
adjusting the scaling and/or the DPI on your particular setup, and there 
aren't any guarantees. You end up getting one application looking 
lovely, and another ends up looking bad.

I'm using the xfce4 desktop on Debian, and what's worked for me is using 
the Adwaita Style, changing the custom DPI setting to 140 (you need to 
experiment), and leaving the Window Scaling at 1x (I've tried 2x but as 
mentioned, it fixes one thing, but breaks another). For xfce4 this is 
under Settings/Appearance, or run directly as xfce4-appearance-settings. 
I've also tried other desktops, e.g. kde, and found that it basically 
involved trial and error experimenting with scaling and dpi.


On 17/04/2023 20:07, digikam at wrote:
> Linux 8.0 appimage: opensuse leap 15.4
> I just move and changed my monitor to a benq 27": 2560 x 1440.
> I adjusted the font sizes for the collections and views, but the
> "system stuff" like the menus, they are far too small for me to read.
> Here's a screenshot:
> Is there something I can do about the small fonts on the system menu
> file, albums, search, tags....?

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