how to detect corrupted file

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Tue Apr 11 11:30:59 BST 2023

Hi jdd,

thanks for your reply.

In my case, files were not empty and I'm on windows, but I will make 
your test nevertheless
I have tried it using the search in DK (file size max à,1MB as 0MB 
doesn't work) and it returns a list  of files that seems to be 
corrupted, so  I will try to fix and will compare also with your test

For information I found a 4th one that I kept for reference (and I have 
recovered it from my backup)
my concern is that running another backup may overwrite the correct file 
by a acorrupted version, that's why I'm trying to make a check before 
another backup


Le 11/04/2023 à 11:07, jdd at a écrit :
> Le 11/04/2023 à 11:04, jdd at a écrit :
>> Le 11/04/2023 à 10:01, frederic chaume a écrit :
>>> Hi all
>>> Following the crash I had last week, I discovered 3 corrupted files (in
>>> the same album) . Hopefully it was Jpeg and I have been able to genrate
>>> them again.
>>> But I'm wondering if there could be other corrupted files over the
>>> hundred of thousands of files I have under DK. So I would like to know
>>> if there is a way to identify them so I can recover them from my backup
>>> here,  corrupted means the thumbnail doens't show the picture but a
>>> green logo and effectively when I click on it, nothing is displayed
>>> thanks for your help
>>> Frederic
>> ce sont souvent des fichiers vides (taille zéro), j'ai un script pour
>> les trouver. Attention, certains sont vides volontairement, leur liste
>> peut être mise dans fichers-vides-normaux
> sorry, I forgot the list was english. corrupted files are often empty, 
> so the script to find them.
> I may add that sometime only part of the jpg file is missing, giving a 
> photo with part of it grey, I don't know hos to find these ones
>> #!/bin/bash
>> #trouver les fichiers vides
>> #(taille zéro), anormaux
>> #les fichiers normalement vides sont dans "fichers-vides-normaux"
>> #fonctionne à partir du répertoire courant
>> find  . -empty | grep -i -v -f ~/bin/fichiers-vides-normaux
>> jdd
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