Missing geolocation and timezone in Google photos with digikam 7.10

David MARTIN davm6101 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:05:33 BST 2023

Hello list

Another time I have issues with my export in Google photos: some of my 6d
mark 2 raw files do not have location or timezone information.
It does not concern all my exported raw files.
The GPS info are visible in the ubuntu digikam 7.10 appimage, except the
digikam timestamp. I added it with exiftool and try to upload it back, but
it seems the file is not uploaded and gphotos reuse the previous version.

Not sure the problem comes from digikam.
My questions are:
- am I the only one to encounter this problem?
- are you aware of any gphotos api update?
- is there a way to check if my GPS match the gphotos required ones?
- when uploading a raw file to gphotos, do you only upload the file? Or do
you also submit other information like the GPS tags?
- do you know where I can find the timezone data in the exif tags?
- it seems gphotos reuses cache. Any idea how I could remove this cache?
(Empty the bin does not solve it)

Thanks for your help.
Kind regards
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