digikam want to reinstall after crash - help

Frédéric Da Vitoria davito9w at free.fr
Wed Apr 5 14:24:55 BST 2023

Hmm, I'm not sure this is the solution. "Toggle Auto" should be a 
per-image command, but I couldn't find an application-wide setting. I 
don' have to do anything when I tag an image, the tag automatically 
contains the hierarchy.

Le 05/04/2023 à 13:00, frederic chaume a écrit :
> All
> found the solution, if it can help , here it is:
> when you right-click on a tag (in caption/tag , not availble in the 
> tag manager) there is an option called "Toggle Auto"  which was set to 
> "none", I changed it to "parent"  and then parent tag is now also set 
> when you set a children tag
> frederic
> Le 05/04/2023 à 12:12, frederic chaume a écrit :
>> Hi
>> thanks for your feedback
>> it is only a typo in the mail, the correct name is Bretagne
>> and I confirm there is no other tag at root level, in the caption the 
>> tags is correctly presented as a hierarchical tree
>> Frederic
>> Le 05/04/2023 à 11:14, Frédéric Da Vitoria a écrit :
>>> Hello,
>>> You are sure you don't have another tag "Bretagne" at the root level 
>>> ? This has happened to me a few times.
>>> Also, I notice that you wrote "pays"/"bretagne", but that later you 
>>> wrote "Bretagne". I wouldn't be surprised if tags were case-sensitive.
>>> Le 05/04/2023 à 09:45, frederic chaume a écrit :
>>>> Hi gilles
>>>> as I didn't have any backup, I have proceeded with the 
>>>> reinstallation steps.
>>>> Good news the database has been recovered from the path I have 
>>>> indicated during the installation steps and now I'm trying to 
>>>> rebuild all the configurations I had before the crash.
>>>> I think I have done it more or less, the remaining point is 
>>>> relative to the behavior of the hierarchical tag management.
>>>> For example I have a tag tree like this one : "pays"/"bretagne"
>>>> Before the crash, setting (or unsetting)   the tag "Bretagne" was 
>>>> setting (or unsetting)  also the parent automaticaly ("pays" )
>>>> Today it is no more the case and  setting (or unsetting) the tag 
>>>> "Bretagne" doesn't change the parent tag status ("pays" )
>>>> I din't find the option in the configuration to retreive this 
>>>> behavior. Could you help me ?
>>>> For information, in the settings/metadata/advanced/tag I have put 
>>>> the namespace in the following order (based on recent exchange I 
>>>> got with you and Maik)
>>>> - lr.hierarchicalSubject
>>>> - dc.subject
>>>> - digikam.TagLists
>>>> ...
>>>> thanks
>>>> Frederic

Frédéric Da Vitoria

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