[digiKam-users] Moving Digikam to new Windows PC

Rafael Linux User rafael.linux.user at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 09:20:03 BST 2022

Many, many thanks KRODER

By myself, and as no one replied, I located that file in Windows, but I
didn't know if the Linux one ".rc" file will be compatible with Windows,
that's why I finally scanned all images again (2 days scanning) losing
tags, flags, etc ... it's a pity that kind of issues are not documented.

El mié, 27 jul 2022 a las 23:07, KRODER Gerhard (<gerdst1 at gmail.com>)

> AFAIK you would need to copy also  digicamrc (somewhere in your win
> %appdata% structure, depends on win version, mabe look at "local").
> If you have a different path setup on new  win system, lets say for for db
> and fotos,  you would need to edit this in rc file, (and an other config
> file, i do not yet remember). By this you can manage to move all dk an foto
> file  to any path, and start with previous resulst existent. (-->"portable")
> cheers,
> Gerhard.
> Am 27.07.2022 um 22:21 schrieb Rafael Linux User:
> On origin PC (Linux os):
>    1. From Digikam, I took note from type of database (Internal MySQL)
>    and where it was located
>    2. I copied to USB the entire folder where database is located (a
>    folder called "Digikam DB" where there are some ".db" extension files.
> On destiny PC (Windows OS):
>    1. I copied folder from USB used in previous PC
>    2. In Digikam, I configured database options to "Internal MySQL" and
>    pointed to copied folder
> The first issue I observed, is that despite I locate MySQL binaries and
> Digikam shows them as correct, each time I reopen DB configuration, binary
> (executable) MySQL files appears as not located ....
> Anyway, I launched Digikam and immediately it shows an error (I can't
> remember exactly what was, but DB related).
> Finally, I scanned again ALL my 20K photos cause no one replied to my
> question in KDE - Digikam forum.
> Thank you
> El mar, 26 jul 2022 a las 21:44, jim kidder (<jim_kidder at hotmail.com>)
> escribió:
>> Hello,
>> Can you tell me the process of moving from one PC to another without
>> losing any pictures, tags, and other configurations?
>> Thanks,
>> jim
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> Gerhard Kroder
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