[digiKam-users] color profile saving

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Mon Jul 18 09:38:09 BST 2022

Am 17.07.22 um 22:52 schrieb Maik Qualmann:
> Of course, even if color management is turned off, an existing color profile
> will be saved to the new image. Please describe in more detail in which image
> format you save and what format the original image had.
> Tested here with a PSD image using AdobeRGB 1998 and exported as PNG or TIFF.
> Maik

I did a small test right now:
- open a PNG that contains AdobeRGB profile
- save as JPG: profile is saved correct
- save as PNG: profile is gone, removed

(I didn't notice that the profile remains intact in JPG, because I 
usually work with PNG. Also usually I do not "save as" but overwrite)

Here are the samples:

- https://www.daniel-bauer.com/div/IMG_0157.png
(34MB, Original with embedded AbobeRGB profile)

- https://www.daniel-bauer.com/div/IMG_0157_2.png
(36MB, original opened in digikam editor, "save as png", has no profile)

- https://www.daniel-bauer.com/div/IMG_0157.jpg
(6MB, original opened in digikam editor, "save as jpg", profile stays 

> Am Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022, 17:50:39 CEST schrieb Daniel Bauer:
>> Hello,
>> I have a calibrated AdobeRGB1998 screen, my images have embedded
>> AdobeRGB1998-profile. Now there are some things I don't understand:
>> - when I disable color management (which I prefer) the profile is
>> removed from files when saving. As the profile of my files and of the
>> screen are the same, color management isn't really necessary for me
>> (there is no difference whether it's activated or not as there is
>> nothing to change).
>> So I would like to work without color management, but still have the
>> unchanged profiles embedded in the saved files.
>> Can I set this behavior somewhere?
>> (I must add the color profile again using a script with ImageMagick, but
>> as soon as I edit something in digikam the profile is lost again - in
>> the end I have mix of images with or without embedded profile...)
>> -------------
>> As said I prefer to work without color management in digikam because in
>> my case it doesn't add anything for me. On the other hand there are some
>> disadvantages when activating color management, that I don't like - but
>> maybe there are some setting I haven't found that could better it?
>> I set working color space: AdobeRGB1998, Profiles: Monitor profile:
>> AdobeRGB1998, "use managed view in Previews" is clicked.
>> - with activated color management the thumbnails of adobeRGB-images in
>> album view show bad, as if I would look at them in an srgb screen. The
>> editor shows the image correct.
>> When I deselect "use managed view in Previews" the thumbs are displayed
>> correct.
>> Shouldn't that be at the reverse? Or do I understand something wrong?
>> - when I have images with another (wrongly) embedded profile, I want
>> them to open ignoring the embedded profile and use the Adobe-profile. I
>> can do that when I set "ask what to do when profile doesn't match".
>> In settings I see only the other setting "convert to working space".  I
>> would like to open it in editor as described above, but without being
>> asked. Can I somehow?

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Málaga

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