[digiKam-users] color profile saving

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Sun Jul 17 16:50:39 BST 2022


I have a calibrated AdobeRGB1998 screen, my images have embedded 
AdobeRGB1998-profile. Now there are some things I don't understand:

- when I disable color management (which I prefer) the profile is 
removed from files when saving. As the profile of my files and of the 
screen are the same, color management isn't really necessary for me 
(there is no difference whether it's activated or not as there is 
nothing to change).

So I would like to work without color management, but still have the 
unchanged profiles embedded in the saved files.

Can I set this behavior somewhere?

(I must add the color profile again using a script with ImageMagick, but 
as soon as I edit something in digikam the profile is lost again - in 
the end I have mix of images with or without embedded profile...)

As said I prefer to work without color management in digikam because in 
my case it doesn't add anything for me. On the other hand there are some 
disadvantages when activating color management, that I don't like - but 
maybe there are some setting I haven't found that could better it?

I set working color space: AdobeRGB1998, Profiles: Monitor profile: 
AdobeRGB1998, "use managed view in Previews" is clicked.

- with activated color management the thumbnails of adobeRGB-images in 
album view show bad, as if I would look at them in an srgb screen. The 
editor shows the image correct.

When I deselect "use managed view in Previews" the thumbs are displayed 

Shouldn't that be at the reverse? Or do I understand something wrong?

- when I have images with another (wrongly) embedded profile, I want 
them to open ignoring the embedded profile and use the Adobe-profile. I 
can do that when I set "ask what to do when profile doesn't match".

In settings I see only the other setting "convert to working space".  I 
would like to open it in editor as described above, but without being 
asked. Can I somehow?

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Málaga

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