[digiKam-users] Setting Up Facial Recognition to find Friends/Family who are no longer here 2018-2022

Tony Schwartz InelUnit at outlook.com
Sat Jul 16 22:48:04 BST 2022

I've never posted to a mailing list/user group. I think I got this.  I have several thousand photos on 2 hard drives (C:\ 550GB SSD) & (D:\ 2 TB).  Some with faces and many without.  A lot of these people are deceased and I want to find them. They are on random places on both hard drives.  I'd rather just import everything into DIGI.  WHY?  I have ADHD and I might have put some photos in dumb places.  Sorry, it won't happen again!  My father passed so a video will be made with friends or old photos I find.  I've used MS Photos / People since day one. I don't like it. I do not think I like windows to be honest.

I'd like to have Digi search my c:\ & d:\ and identify everything - I am sure this is a simple set up option.  Once it searches and finds all the faces then what?   If I had to guess there are 5,000 photos total(myself and others uploaded).  After I get all the faces recognized and tagged. I am assuming there is going to be a massive pool (database) of photos somewhere.  I will not care about most of them,  Should I worry about it?  For now I mostly want to find the people. Once I am better organized, despite ADHD, all photos will go into D:\photos.  Space is not a huge issue but I would like to save as much as possible.  I will use Digikam for a lot more than this later. But right now fishing for old photos in random directories. Is what I want to do.  Then easily work with them (tag, identify; share - I do not know)

I think it is that simple right?  Have DIGI "Index"  C & D drive.  Then look for the scan for people button?  Then somehow delete the thousands and thousands of photos digi threw into a pile or database?  Is there a smarter way?  I want to do a "full sweep" for people/faces.  Leave no one behind.


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