[digiKam-users] Dynamic albums

Ty Mayn tyrus.mayn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 23:52:19 GMT 2022

The description of need on this thread is similar to what I have asked on
"concatenate/edit text playlist and import to Slideshow(not
Presentation)"   Some description sof a saved search refer to it as a
"virtual album" . I suppose that means it can be recovered in a rerun of
the search and displayed immediately afterward.
     This causes me to ask if the "virtual album" once saved is an actual
list stored somewhere in the digikam4 database?
If it is a list then, like any other play list" it could be retrieved and
modified with images beyond the scope of its initial search.
     This is what I would call "dynamic"  the ability to grow,remove from,
or sort arbitrarily the contents of a list or album...to evolve from its
Such a list or album could consist of simply textnames and path or
symlinks.   It certainly doesnt need to contain realduplicate files to
represent the list or album. That is both processing overhead and burden
when anyone starts to maintain similarity data.

 Does this type of virtual album/list exist in any form of  undocumented
Has it been an enhancement request somewhere in the past?
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