[digiKam-users] Dynamic albums

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 5 19:40:32 GMT 2022

On samedi 5 février 2022 19:33:00 CET Joshua wrote:
> Is there a way to create albums without moving the photo to a new location
> on the computer?   I organize everything based on the date a photo is
> taken, but I need to be able to create albums for organizing those pictures
> without moving them in the computer. I would also like to create albums
> based on star ratings that auto updates when new photos are rated. 

Afaik, you can't create virtual albums in Digikam, an album corresponds to a 
directory on disk. 

But you can use keywords and searches to create selections of images: advanced 
searches can be named and saved for later reuse. It's also easy to select all 
images with a given star rating.

Whether that's sufficient for your use case(s) I cannot say.

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