[digiKam-users] Album Update Very Slow With Pictures and Database on NAS

Milan Zamazal pdm at zamazal.org
Fri Dec 30 20:52:06 GMT 2022

>>>>> "7" == 7mgte  <7mgte at miniblue.net> writes:

    7>     * It takes nearly a minute to get to the "Initializing Main
    7> View" dialog, and 2:30 minutes for the album to open

FWIW I use digiKam with local SQLite databases and photos on NAS.  The
most important thing for me is proper scanning settings in
Miscellaneous/Behaviour; “Fast scan” usually works good enough for me.

    7> * Depending on the number of photos in an album, it can take from
    7> 15 seconds (5-10 photos) to 50 seconds (350-450 photos) to open
    7> * When the album opens, the thumbnails are fully populated

Opening an album for the first time (or with newly added photos) can
take some time to generate the thumbnails, but the album opens without a
special delay for me (just the thumbnails are missing until they are
created).  High disk activity may be a problem though and may cause
general problems with responsiveness.

    7> * Is the performance I am experiencing opening albums typical for
    7> a NAS based set-up?

I don’t think so.


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