[digiKam-users] Album Update Very Slow With Pictures and Database on NAS

digikam at 911networks.com digikam at 911networks.com
Wed Dec 28 00:51:19 GMT 2022

On Tue, 27 Dec 2022 18:25:36 -0500
7mgte <7mgte at miniblue.net> wrote:

> Q1: 
> > 35000 images
> > 550 albums
> > Size of tables in MariaDB: 75MB

35000 images is not much.

> Q2:
> > 
> > Based on the tables in the MariaDB database, it appears the
> > database contains information like tags and stars about each
> > photo.  If the database is on the local machine, any changes made
> > would not be visible when access the photos from another machine. 

That's not a problem.

1. DK is a single user application.
2. I have an rsync script that synchronize the database to the nas
and start DK, then rsync back to the nas after use.

Note be careful when accessing the data from multiple boxes with
multiple OSes, the path as stored differently. I'm on Linux only.



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