[digiKam-users] Success in importing pictures from Android mobile phone

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Sun Dec 18 07:29:30 GMT 2022

Hi digiKammers,

I want to report that I have been able to connect digiKam with my
Android mobile phone via USB cable and to download images to my laptop.
Here is a screendump of this:


The trick is to use Rapid Photo Downloader (version 0.9.33) to
initialize communication between the to the mobile phone. After this
digiKam functions  correcty. 

My environment is digiKam (7.9.0 AI) on Fedora 37 Linux and Gnome 43.1.
and my mobile phone is a HMD Global Nokia X30, Android 12.

And here a longer description of my workaround:

1. Connected my mobile phone with the USB cable and enabled the use of
USB connection in the options of the phone. As a result I was able to
navigate to the DCIM folder with the file manager.

2. Started digiKam and started the import dialog. digiKam had already
detected automatically the phone. The dialog showed an error message of
connection failure. The Retry button had no effect.

Screen dump from the situation:


And the corresponding part of the trace file:

Digikam::DigikamApp::openSolidCamera: Found camera from ids 6353 20193
camera is: "Google Inc Nexus/Pixel (MTP)" at "usb:001,005"
Digikam::MapWidget::setBackend: "setting backend marble"
Digikam::MediaPlayerView::MediaPlayerView: Audio output backends:
("Pulse", "OpenAL", "null")
Digikam::MediaPlayerView::MediaPlayerView: Number of supported audio
codecs: 198
Digikam::MediaPlayerView::MediaPlayerView: Number of supported video
codecs: 265
Digikam::BackendGoogleMaps::setMapType: "ROADMAP"
Digikam::adjustedEnvironmentForAppImage: Adjusting environment
variables for AppImage bundle
Digikam::ExifToolParser::slotMetaEngineSettingsChanged: ExifTool path:
Digikam::MapWidget::setBackend: "setting backend marble"
Digikam::adjustedEnvironmentForAppImage: Adjusting environment
variables for AppImage bundle
Digikam::ExifToolParser::slotMetaEngineSettingsChanged: ExifTool path:
Digikam::ExifToolProcess::checkExifToolProgram: Path to ExifTool:
Digikam::ExifToolParser::exifToolAvailable: Check ExifTool
availability: true
Digikam::BackendGoogleMaps::setMapType: "ROADMAP"
Digikam::CameraController::sendLogMsg: Log ( "" "" : "Connecting to
Digikam::ItemMarkerTiler::slotSourceModelReset: ----
Digikam::GPCamera::doConnect: Failed to initialize camera!
Digikam::GPCamera::printGphotoErrorDescription: Libgphoto2 error: Could
not claim the USB device ( -53 )
Digikam::CameraController::sendLogMsg: Log ( "" "" : "Connection

3. Left digiKam in the background. Started Rapid Photo Downloader.
Photos on the phone are shown in the UI of RPD. Left PRD in the

4.  Back to digiKam and pushed the Refresh button. Voila! digiKam
import dialog starts to scan images from the folders of the phone!

This is also documented in the trace file:

Digikam::CameraController::sendLogMsg: Log ( "" "" : "Connecting to
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Supported features for "HMD
Global Nokia X30 5G"
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Thumbnails: false
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Delete: true
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Delete dir: true
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Upload: true
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Mkdir: true
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Image capture: false
Digikam::DKCamera::printSupportedFeatures: Image capture preview
(liveview): false
Digikam::CameraController::sendLogMsg: Log ( "" "" : "Connection
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage fstype: generic tree hierarchy
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage description: "Sisäinen jaettu
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage base-dir: "/store_00010001"
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage access: R/W
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage type: fixed RAM
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage capacity: 238767932
Digikam::GPCamera::getFreeSpace: Storage free-space: 211712924

5. After a lenghty while the tumbnails were also generated. I was able
execute the download successfully.

My finding was just pure chance. I fiddled around with the different
applications after my recent OS upgrade. There is also no guarantee
that this workaroud works in other environments or constellations. 

I hope Guilles or others may find something usefull of this finding or
to give a more in-depth technical explanation. Hope also that digiKam
can do this in future without the help of RPD.

Cheers Kai

superhappy digiKammer

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