[digiKam-users] How best to temporarily remove People exif data

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Wed Dec 7 12:15:31 GMT 2022

I usually strip out certain tags and data before sharing/uploading 
photos. Geotagged data is quite easy using exiftool on the command line. 
I'm a bit stumped with People.

I've considered:

1. Removing any People tags before exporting.

2. Exporting and trying to work out an exiftool command to remove on the 
command line.

I was looking at dK's export to Smugmug option but couldn't see anything 
there. Also, I prefer exporting to a local storage and uploading that 
way as I feel more in control and it doesn't tie up dK for the duration 
of the upload.

Option 2 is my preferred route but I'm still at the research stage. 
Perhaps a list of tags in a flat file, or ideally specifying a single 
top-level tag (People) that would work on the whole hierarchy. I'll 
continue researching but rather than re-invent the wheel I wonder if 
anyone else does this and has a one-liner.



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