[digiKam-users] Simple keyboard shortcut question

James Orr james.orr at orrenterprises.us
Thu Dec 1 17:42:30 GMT 2022

Thanks for the question and the answer!

On 11/29/2022 10:30 AM, Maik Qualmann wrote:

Tested here on Windows, no problem to set "b" and "f" to switch images.
Don't change "forward" or "back", look for "previous image" and next image" in
the shortcut editor.


Am Dienstag, 29. November 2022, 18:53:23 CET schrieb Frédéric Da Vitoria:

Le 29/11/2022 à 17:18, Chris Deuchar a écrit :

And I'll second that request!

Chris D

On Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 15:00, <ajaxx at tase.com><mailto:ajaxx at tase.com> wrote:
    i try hard to find answers on my own.  But after reading the
    digiKam Handbook, the shortcut configura-
    tion in KDE applications page and more than a few searches, I am
    still confused.

    I want to use the Preview window for culling and tagging.  I
    select Tags or delete images (toolbar button) with the mouse
    (right-handed). With my left, I want to move forward (next
    picture) and back (previous picture) via keyboard shortcuts.  I
    know there is a forward (>) and back (<) on the left side of the
    Preview window, but I don't want to move the mouse across the
    screen while I could do it faster and more comfortably with my
    left hand and a keyboard shortcut.  The default shortcuts are
    Alt+Left and Alt+Right.  Both of these defaults makes me reach all
    the way across to the right-hand side of the keyboard and using
    the Alt+ is uncomfortable.

    My thought was, use "b" for back and "f" for forward.  They are
    much better for my left hand.

    I set a custom key "b" for back and saved it.

    In Preview, when I hit "b" digiKam moves my sub-album selection to
    the top album. Not what I expected.

    All this is to say, can I use single key strokes like b and f as
    shortcuts?  (and how do I do it...)

    digiKam 7.8.0 / MariaDB 10.10 / Windows 10


My guess is that single keys are used to select the album which starts
with the letter you typed. Doesn't your first album start with letter
"B"? On my system, nothing happens when I type "B", but the first album
is named "Photos" and the selection indeed moves to the first album when
I hit "P"

You are trying to issue a command, so you should try with a function key
or letters / digits combined with Ctrl or Alt.

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