[digiKam-users] Font in Windows too small to read

Tom Cunningham TWCunningham627 at outlook.com
Wed Oct 13 14:47:48 BST 2021

On 12/10/2021 18:29, Hal Marietta <revelstone77 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm running Windows and the latest version of DigiKam and it is unusable on this computer.  All the labels, menu items, everything text is so small i cant 
> read it.  It is fine on my laptop but I really want to use it on my desktop as it has more resources. Any ideas?  I've tried several of the settings, like use 
> system font, but with no success.

Have you tried overriding high DPI scaling on the digiKam executable?  If not, locate the digiKam executable on your PC, right-click and select Properties.  Open the Compatibility tab and click "Change high DPI settings".  Click the checkbox that says "Override high DPI scaling behavior".  Under "Scaling performed by:" select System.  Restart digiKam and see if that changes anything.

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