[digiKam-users] Best practise for DigiKam backup?

Henrik Hemrin hehemrin at hemrin.com
Sun Nov 21 19:11:11 GMT 2021

A question about backup. 

My background is that I have used Photoshop Elements for years. I backup primarily in two ways: 
- Copy and paste of folders with photos (incl sidecars)
- Backup tool included in Photoshop Elements, which includes all to restore Photoshop Elements. 

I am relatively new to DigiKam. I have not found any similar backup tool included. I use DigiKam as Linux Appimage and (soon) on macOS as well. As I understand, I must myself "copy and paste" (or any script or whatever method I add myself) and do a backup of: 
a) configuration file digikamrc
b) data bases 
c) folders with photos (incl sidecars)

Is this correctly understood? Any further advice? 

Best regards 
Henrik Hemrin

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