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Hubert Kloeser h-kloeser at web.de
Sat Nov 13 03:49:30 GMT 2021

I'm having problems with georeferencing:
1) As you can see from the screenshot, incomplete data is given to me in
the localization. I find this annoying because I lose existing,
important information or I have to add these as keywords. On a tour
through a city (with several hundred recordings) this is a huge amount
of work. I would therefore think it would be good if all geographic
information were recorded. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out whether
these entries are possible at all from the data record description.
2) When the entry window for geographic information is closed, the
entire application is always closed, i.e. the entire application must be
restarted after each entry made.
I am using Digikam 7.3.0 on a Windows 11 computer.
Many greetings


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