[digiKam-users] How to hide specified folders from scanning in digiKam for Windows

Martin J. Evans martin.j.evans at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 13:41:26 GMT 2021

I see you already have a response on excluding folders.

I don't typically exclude any folder under my root tree. However, like 
you by default I see duplicates - the RAW and JPG. Instead of excluding 
folders I use advanced searches to find the images I want. These are 
easy to set up and save. For instance it is easy to add an advanced 
search which only shows files ending in JPG.


On 07/11/2021 11:35, Cristiano Radicchi wrote:
> Hello,
> I am an old photo amateur and installed digiKam a couple of days ago 
> to try to make some order among the lots of digital photos I have 
> taken so far and appreciated a lot its features as a photo 
> archiver/manager.
> I configured (years ago) a folder tree on a home NAS where all my 
> photos are currently stored within 6 first level root folders, one for 
> each camera model I have been using in the last 15 years.
> In the main camera folder (a digital reflex model) I storically 
> archived photos using a date naming for folders (e.g. 2019-05-26).
> In each folder I stored the RAW images downloaded from the camera and 
> within the same folder I created a JPG subfolder to store the 
> converted images of the same date.
> An example of the folders structure follows.
>   └──> REFLEX
> └──> 2019
> └──> 2019-05-26
> └──> <all the images in RAW format>
> └──> JPG
> └──> <all the images in JPG format>
> Now, when I installed digiKam and made it scan the root folder (and 
> all its sub-roots). So, the program discovered either the RAW images 
> as well as the JPG versions for each given date.
> This generated a fair amount of duplication in the archive.
> I read on the manual that the folders named with a "." as the first 
> character should be ignored bu the scanning process. Does it work on 
> Windows as well?
> Otherwise, still on the manual, I read that I could set a path as "to 
> be excluded" by inserting it in a given mask.
> Is a folder name like "JPG" sufficient for all the JPG subfolders at 
> once or should I insert a full path for each of them (they are a few 
> hundred)?
> Furthermore, what can I do to exclude now all the JPG subfolders that 
> have already been scanned by digiKam?
> Thanks a lot for your support,
> Cristiano Radicchi

Martin J. Evans, Wetherby, UK

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