[digiKam-users] Digikam is not finding new items anymore

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 07:01:09 GMT 2021

Well, digiKam-6.2.0 is really very old. Only in current digiKam versions is it 
possible to change / update the path to a collection. If you have entered the 
collection as a local or removable disk, digiKam also expects the 
corresponding drive UUID, which has also changed after you switched to an 
external drive. You could use our current digiKam-7.4.0 AppImage to update 
your collection path, but you could not go back to your old digiKam version 
because database updates are carried out and these are no longer compatible 
with the old version. 


Am Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2021, 19:26:04 CET schrieb r bartlett:
> I'm using 6.2.0 on Lubuntu 20.04LTS and have had no problems (Digikam's been
> wonderful, an incredible tool!) but recently Digikam has stopped finding
> new items.  The bar pops up and it has a progress bar for a few seconds,
> but it says finished without seeing numerous additions to my media library
> folder. 
> I believe the problem MAY (just a hunch) be caused by the fact that I
> switched to a new external hard drive, which has a different pathname.   
> I thought making a symlink to that would work, but it didn't.
> I'd like to delete the current Images folder in the Digikam "Settings" but
> am worried that this will then mean when I add the new location it will
> completely redo, which will take days...I don't want it to see these as
> new, different files.  It's the same stuff, just in a different location. 
> Can someone help me with the best way to handle this?
> Thank you!

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