[digiKam-users] People View Shows Duplicates

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Mon Dec 13 15:20:29 GMT 2021

Running 7.3.0 AppImage on Mint 20.2

If I click on a person in the people tab on the left I see thumbnails of 
that person as expected.  The majority are fine but there are a few 
duplicates and I don't know why.  If I look in file explorer there is 
only the one file, the person is only tagged once.  I just found one 
picture with 3 people tagged and all 3 show duplicates but there is only 
on file.  I have hundreds of pictures containing these 3 people and so 
far I have only found 2 which have this duplication.

Any idea what could cause this?



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