[digiKam-users] HELP editing images in GIMP or Photoshop

Jonathan Kamens jikamens at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 13:12:30 GMT 2021

How is digiKam installed on Zorin Linux: is it a regular application
package, a snap, or an AppImage? If it's a snap then whoever built the
snap may not have configured it with the permissions to access and
launch executables outside the snap. That sounds like what's happening
here. I use the digiKam AppImage because when I tried using the snap (on
Ubuntu) I discovered that it didn't support the MySQL backend, which I use.

I'd suggest uninstalling the snap and installing the AppImage from the
digiKam web site instead.

You may also want to install AppImageLauncher
<https://github.com/TheAssassin/AppImageLauncher> to make it easier to
launch the AppImage.

On 12/5/21 06:52, Dr Mark A. Garlick wrote:
> Hello
> I have installed Digikam on Linux Zorin and so far so good - except
> that I cannot edit any of my images in anything other than the default
> showFoto. If I go to Open With > Other.. neither GIMP nor Photoshop CS6
> is listed as an option. If I try to browse to the executable, the
> browser does not give me access to the folders where these apps are
> installed. It simply shows only a selection of folders, not the whole
> folder tree. If I try to past the path the the relevant executable, I
> get an error saying it's not an executable.
> I really need access to at least GIMP. I am using Digikam 7.3.0.
> Any ideas?
> Many thanks.
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