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Henrik Hemrin hehemrin at hemrin.com
Fri Dec 3 12:44:11 GMT 2021


I’m not at all a DigiKam expert, but a first answer wishing any more knowledgable person adds an answer: 

You should copy the configuration file digikamrc. 
Ref: https://pixls.us/blog/2019/07/quick-digikam-tip-back-up-digikamrc-file/ <https://pixls.us/blog/2019/07/quick-digikam-tip-back-up-digikamrc-file/> 

Best regards
Henrik Hemrin

> 3 dec. 2021 kl. 09:40 skrev tomtom <tomtom at samizdat.net>:
> hello
> I crash my windows 10 with digikam 7.3
> I can recover my data but not the windows 10.
> I 'm going to copy the file thunbnails4.db digikam.db recognition.db and similarity.db and all the photo on an other computer to try to restor my digikam data. Do I miss some file?
> Thomas

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