[digiKam-users] Batch-Queue-Manager - File Renaming

tobiasherb at gmx.net tobiasherb at gmx.net
Thu Aug 12 17:47:02 BST 2021



I would like to use the Batch-Queue-Manager to rename all pictures in the

I created a rule for File Renaming with the queue settings.

The queue shows me the orginal and the target(new) file name.


The problem is now, that it is not possible to run the rule and do the

The Button “Run” is shown grey and can not be pushed. 


I thing is is nessesary to add a Tool to the window “Assigned Tools”.

But witch Tool should be added to the window for the function “File
Renaming” ?



I look forward to hearing from you.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Tobias Herb


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