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Travis Kelley rhatguy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 18:33:28 BST 2021

I'll plus one this issue.  I have the same problem, where it seems that the
more you tag faces the worst the algorithms get.  As Rhys mentioned, not
sure if the answer is to mark faces as bad or whether it would be better to
be be able to somehow specify which faces to use for training.  Perhaps
there is a programmatic way to detect the quality of tagged faces and
select the "best" images for training?  I believe there is a limit of
something like the last ~100 tagged faces used for training today right?

On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 1:27 PM Rhys Tyers <rhystyers1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> What is the correct way to train the face detection model when many of
> the faces are poor quality images?
> I have tens of thousands of photos which include hundreds of people many
> hundreds of times each. Many of their faces in these photos are quite poor
> quality (obscured, dark, far away).
> When I start recognition it is often quite poor but once I have a few high
> quality faces in the model it seems to work fairly well. However as I
> accept more of the poor quality faces I find the recognition gets worse (I
> assume because dark, far way, poor quality faces look very similar). People
> for whom I've tagged a lot of poor quality images just start getting any
> face suggested for them.
> What is the intended workflow? The application prompts you to accept
> recognised faces as face tags (and then they will get used in the
> training), so that's what I've been doing.
> But then there is this in the manual:* In case of unsatisfying results it
> might be helpful to use Clear and rebuild all training data. One reason can
> be that there are too many face tags assigned to a person which shows this
> person in a way that doesn't really help the search algorithm, e.g. with
> sunglasses, blurred, unusual colors, carnival make up, dark shaded areas in
> the face, baby/kid/adult photographs mixed.*
> So that implies that I should only add high quality faces to the face tags
> and perhaps tag poor quality ones differently? Is there some way to mark a
> face as "poor quality" so it is not used for training?
> Thanks for any help.
> Rhys
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