[digiKam-users] KML export: Feedback

Yann Bouger ybouger at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 20:43:37 BST 2021

I like this feature of building a kml file with the geotagged photos and opening it in Google Earth.
However, I come across 2 problems:

  *   the name of the photos is displayed, whether you like it or not, which, when you have several, makes a messy screen in GE. Further to that, you could want to remove these names of the placemarks or change the font used for display, but then you are forced to do it one by one. You could create a folder of the placemarks and batch change the style but then you lose the icons as a miniature of the photo. This problem needs a serious expertise in kml programming which I don't have for modifying the kml file in Notepad or equivalent.  If Digikam could have at least a radio button for the display of the names or not that would be handy.
  *   after opening the file in GE you would like to save in "My Places". Once done, you will notice that that the photos will not show up as if the link was broken. Quite annoying but this issue belongs certainly to GE and not Digikam.

Any comment would be welcome.

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