[digiKam-users] face marked on rotated images

Marc Palaus marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 30 18:54:17 BST 2020

There was one bug that was fixed some time ago where some face regions appeared where they shouldn’t, as if the image was rotated. It basically depended on which camera they were taken and if they were detected using other software (like Picasa). When it was fixed, you needed to refresh the metadata of those pictures, and the face rectangles would go back to their original place. However, if face detection was run before that was fixed, some pictures ended up with two face rectangles for each person. In that case, you should refresh the metadata for those pictures and delete the incorrect face region.

At least that was my experience.

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Tema: [digiKam-users] face marked on rotated images


After update from 7.0.0 to 7.2.0-beta1 i noticed, that lots of rotated
image has duplicated face marks. One in good position, and one look like
the place when the image were not rotated.

I dont know why this happend, but now I need to review hundreds of
photos, and remove the extra marks...


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