[digiKam-users] Face Tags

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Mon Sep 28 20:45:16 BST 2020

I needed to clean up some of my face tags and wrote some Python code to 
identify the problem pics, and I thought it may be of help to others as 

It detects -

1) People tags on pictures where there is no region defined, so no box 
around the face in preview.

2) The same person tagged multiple times in the same picture.

It just returns a list of pictures and tags, it does not attempt to fix 
anything, that needs to be done manually.

The software is attached, developed on Linux Mint in Python3, and runs 
fine on my system.  I think it will probably run on Mac and maybe on 
Windows but I don't have the capability to test that.

Hope it is of help to someone.


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