[digiKam-users] Map foreign XMP attributes to Digikam's?

Jens Benecke jens-digikam at spamfreemail.de
Sat Sep 5 14:02:23 BST 2020


I discovered an Android app (F-Stop) which serves beautifully to 
preprocess images while on the road, because it supports tagging and 
rating, geotagging and albums (no faces but well), and (!) it writes XMP 
files which Digikam can import.

However, F-Stop's "favorite" flag doesn't map to anything in Digikam so 
it's invisible.
(It's called "fstop:favorite=1" in the XML file.)

Can I map this tag to anything inside Digikam so I can find these images?

Regards, Jens

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