[digiKam-users] Method of moving / deleting duplicate pictures

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 30 09:02:39 GMT 2020

On lundi 30 novembre 2020 02:46:44 CET HL wrote:
> Hello!
> In former time I used Visipics http://www.visipics.info
> <http://www.visipics.info> for this job. Unfortunately, this small
> program seems to have problems when you have to work with large RAW
> images. In digikam I miss a strategy for automatically marking duplicate
> images based on criteria. It would be great if such a hierarchical
> procedure could be mapped:
> 1) lower resolution
> 2) Images with lossy compression
> 3) Order of the directories
> Is there an idea or script in digikam for this?
> BR Holger
There is an option to detect duplicates, based on fingerprints. Those 
fingerprints have to be generated first, which can be quite long. 

To rebuild the fingerprint database, in the menu, go to 
"Tools"→"Maintenance"→"Rebuild Fingerprints", t

To actually find  duplicates, there are two options:
 - use the menu item "Tools" →"Find Duplicates".
 - use the "Similarity" tab in the left sidebar 

Disclaimer: never having used this tool, I don't know how fast or precise it 
is, backups recommended before deletions happen...


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