[digiKam-users] Cannot browse by tags on images recovered from an accidentally formated hard disk - exif data is present on recoevered images

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Thu Nov 26 18:32:27 GMT 2020

I've just recovered a friends photos using testdisk / photoroc. It's 
amazing. 120GB of images from a USB drive that the computer shop said 
was unrecoverable. She doesn't use tags but I copied a few into my image 
directory and assigned a couple using exiftool and digikam picked them 
up ok. I tried changing ownership to root too.

I wonder if it's worth using exiftool on a few of your images (it may 
already be installed on Linux Mint) to see how the tags are stored. 
Something like

exiftool -r * | grep Tags

or just exiftool <filename> | less

might give a picture of whether the tags are stored in strange fields.


On 26/11/2020 09:54, Ramnarayan.K Digikam wrote:
> Hi
> Some, many, months ago I accidentally formatted my image hard disk.  
> More than a TB's worth.
> It took many days of running testdisk / photorec to recover the images.
> The recovered images all lost their original names and are now in 
> multiple (100's) of folders named by testdisk / photorec
> Since then I have pointed digikam to the recovered images (On a new 
> Hard disk) and am also placing my new images in the same section.
> Digikam has picked up the tags that were / are in the recovered 
> images, it has also organized them by date (from exif data).
> *However while I can browse by date I cannot browse by Tags. *
> I have used the "read tags " from images - and this also took a tonne 
> load of time but it generated all the tags (seemingly) but it shows no 
> images in any tag category.
> Kindly advice.
> My images are on external USB portable drive. And I open digikam only 
> after attaching the drive
> Current OS and Digikam Specs are
> Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana)
> Digikam Version 6.4.0
> Look forward to you advice
> thanks
> Ram
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