[digiKam-users] Feature Request and some issues

Thomas D sdktda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 22:06:56 GMT 2020

> 1. It would be good if digikam remembered where I had left off when I
quit the app. For example Album X at thumbnail xxxx, so when I reopen
digikam it would open with that thumbnail selected.
> Or when in Preview at certain thumbnail that it would open again in
Preview mode with that same thumbnail selected.

I was just going to write about how I thought this was actually how DK
behaves. However, I just checked and you are right. In the latest version
DK does not seem to do a good job of remembering where I left off.
I think this is a regression. Because I have a clear memory of DK being
able to remember where I left off. And maybe it does so *sometimes*. But I
just checked by opening DK. Navigating to some random album and selecting a
random thumbnails.
Then I closed DK.
Then I opened DK again.
DK then started up and searched for new items. But did not open the album I
was at before I closed.

I then quickly repeated the test again. And now it *did* open the last used
album. So something might be wrong here.

Version tested on: 7.1.0

> 3. It would be visually nicer and more helpful if it were possible to
completely take off the black borders/frames around every thumbnail
> 4. Also, visually helpful, if it were possible to get rid of the border
for each thumbnail placeholder (not sure what it is called, please see the

I second both these points.
I find that there is a lot of screen real estate wasted by borders and
padding in the thumbnail view. I have previously suggested being able to
scale down thumbnails to 48x48 or maybe even lower. I would absolutely love
to be able to also remove additional clutter in order to cram more
thumbnails in the same screen view.

I do not want this on all the time. But for some tasks/workflows it is an
absolute performance boost to be able to increase the number of thumbnails
in a screen view.
Maybe it would make sense to have a "Compact View" that could be easily
toggled with a shortcut key combo and a UI button?

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