[digiKam-users] Reverse geotagging and Location fields reported by exiftool

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Mon Nov 23 10:38:53 GMT 2020

On 22/11/2020 20:55, woenx wrote:
> This may be a stupid question, but when you change the metadata using
> exiftool, do you re-read the metadata in digikam?

Yes, although it's mostly outside of digikam I'm interested in reading 
the information. I use exiftool to get the information from the image 
file and use it with convert to overlay onto the image.

In digikam I have Settings / Configure digikam / Metadata / Write this 
information to the Metadata all checked except Face Tags,

and 'Rescan file when files are modified' is checked.

Under Settings / Configure digikam / Metadata /Views / IPTC viewer I 
have all location related fields checked. This seems necessary to enable 
display of the field titles under Metadata / IPTC in the main photo view 
windows. However all country field names are greyed out and show as 

I'm finding it an interesting distraction because the reverse geocoding 
that I do in digikam, usually using OpenStreetMap, sometimes finds 
slightly different interpretations of locations to the ones that I found 
using geosetter. I haven't dug into this much but I don't mind having 
this redundancy as I use the exif data in photos for searching and it 
means I'm more likely to get a match when searching on a location.


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