[digiKam-users] Reverse geotagging and Location fields reported by exiftool

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Sun Nov 22 11:13:32 GMT 2020

I used to use geosetter ( https://geosetter.de/en/main-en/ ) for 
geotagging photos before I moved to digikam for photo management. I 
found the Geolocation and Reverse Geocoding a bit confusing to begin 
with but now I've got the hang of it I find it great to have it all in 
one place in a single program.

I've noticed that geosetter sets the Location fields in the exif data, 
but as far as I'm aware digikam does not do this. I use a 'Places' tag 
hierarchy in digikam for my location data and it works fine. I have 
'Write tags to XMP ticked'.

 From what I've read I appreciate that exif data is a bit of a minefield 
and I don't really understand the subtle differences between IPTC XMP 
and EXIF fields. Furthermore, this isn't a big problem for me I just 
want to make sure that I haven't missed a setting somewhere that writes 
the data into the Location fields.

For example, I'm used to typing commands such as

exiftool -City -Country -State <filename>

but this has no effect on digikam geotagged photos as the information is 
stored in the tag hierarchy. I usually end up typing something like

exiftool <filename> | grep Places


exiftool -TagsList <filename>

which gives the whole location tree and more detail but is not as easily 

It's not hugely important to me as the information I want is in the file 
but I just wanted to check that I haven't missed something.

Debian Buster / Digikam version 7.1 ( digikam-7.1.0-x86-64.appimage )


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