[digiKam-users] Determining Time Zone based on date/location and supporting new EXIF time zone offset fields

José Oliver-Didier jose_oliver at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 18 01:48:59 GMT 2020


For quite some time I have been using a Windows application called
GeoSetter which can add the time zone offset information to photos'
date metadata (XMP dates). It has a simple functionality which uses a
photo's date and location (lat and long coordinates) to determine the
applicable time zone for that photo. If location information is not
available, the user can add this information manually. Having Digikam
already supporting time zone metadata, it would be useful to have similar
functionality as this information is quite useful for geotagging purposes.

Also, as the latest EXIF standard finally includes fields for time zone
offset it would be useful to add this information to the EXIF date dialog
in the Edit Metadata functionality given that for XMP dates it is already

EXIF 2.32 Time Zone fields:
0x9010 OffsetTime string ExifIFD (time zone for ModifyDate)
0x9011 OffsetTimeOriginal string ExifIFD (time zone for DateTimeOriginal)
0x9012 OffsetTimeDigitized string ExifIFD (time zone for CreateDate)

At least my Pixel 3 phone adds this information already when photos are

- J Oliver
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