[digiKam-users] Known problems under macOS 11?

Peter Teuben teuben at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 15:15:40 GMT 2020

there was a lot of discussion in the media (e.g. slashdot) about macOS11 
needing to certify the app, and long delays with that. I don't know how 
apple is going to solve this if you are in an airplane with no network.  
But what about the certification. If I have my own code, compile it, can 
i just run it? Or do I need to be registered as a valid developer with 
some app key? So far i've been able to compile my own stuff, you usually 
get some warning to click on the OK button if you allow this app to run.

Your particular problem seems different, as there is just a black screen 
followed by a crash.    If you move the databases to a backup directory, 
and so to say start from scratch, is there the same behavior?  No splash 
screen either?

On 11/17/20 10:00 AM, Manuel Bock wrote:
> Hi digiKam users and developers,
> I am having problems with starting digiKam on my Mac after upgrading to macOS Big Sur. Since searches do not show any reports of this problem so far, I wonder, if this is a known issue or if I have to look for problems specific to my machine or setup, rather not related to this upgrade?
> Background info:
> - macOS 11.0.1
> - digiKam 7.1
> Behaviour:
> No visible activity on screen after starting the app. In the activity monitor of macOS there is one digikam process running on one core with close to 100% cpu time, the error counter ist staidly increasing, the open files show just libraries and the database, but no open image files,  and after a rather looooong period, the macOS error message occurs, digiKam was terminated unexpectedly.
> A reinstall does not change anything at all.
> Is anybody out there having the same issues after upgrading to Big Sur? Or are there any hints on were to start digging for specific issues on my machine?
> regards
> Manuel

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