[digiKam-users] Ordering images on the light table.

Ian McCarthy idm.kde at cronkshaw.com
Tue Dec 8 20:46:45 GMT 2020

I'm attempting to produce a slide show, probably to present virtually,
I'm probably being stupid or missed it in the manual, or this email is 
becoming a facility request!

What I want to do is order the images in the thumb-list, so by click 
&hold and drag an image I can put the image in a different place in the 
thumb-list. Then when I have got the ordering correct I would like to be 
able to extract the full names of the files in the thumb-list in the 
current order into a list which I can save.
It would be I believe a relatively simple software task, which is 
probably already there - I've just missed it.
It would make making a pleasing slide show so much easier to produce. 
Especially with the side by side view.


Cheers Ian Mac

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