[digiKam-users] Tagging photos in bulk with data stored in excel

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Sat Aug 29 12:05:49 BST 2020

LibreOffice Calc will read Excel files, but doesn't translate macros.

When working with data in Excel format, if you know the basics of Python 
I would recommend xlrd and xlwt  See 


On 29/08/2020 10:56, Remco Viëtor wrote:
> On samedi 29 août 2020 09:28:12 CEST kellnerp wrote:
>> If you are on Linux why not just write a script to do that with
>> exiftools?Sent from my Samsung device
> To the best of my knowledge, excel isn't available for Linux...
> Apart from that, a script would be the best option, with export of the
> relevant data from excel to an easy to parse format.
> The only caveat would be for the case of raw files, where writing to the
> metadata is strongly discouraged. But it might be possible to create/update
> xmp files associated with the raw files.
> But before that, OP might want to think about what he means exactly by
> "writing each species' name into the metadata": does he want a caption, a
> title, keywords (if so, just the species name?), is there location information
> to be written as well, (and how), etc.
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>> From: Joeriz <joerizwerts at hotmail.com>
>> Date: 8/29/20  2:05 AM  (GMT+09:00)
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>> Subject: [digiKam-users] Tagging photos in bulk with data stored in excel
>> I have thousands of photos of wildlife, with a corresponding excel file
>> thatcontains the species information for each photo. I would like to write
>> eachspecies' name into the metadata of each of the photos. Doing it by
>> handwould take weeks, so it needs to be done in bulk, by importing the
>> excelfile. It seems like this option should be possible with Digikam, but I
>> can't seemto find any information on it.
> Of course not, excel is only available under Ms-windows or MacOS, not under
> Linux, and digikam is developed principally under Linux. And decoding an excel
> spreadsheet is not simple (esp. since there is not just one excel file
> format).
> Remco

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