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Michael Muscato mjmuscato at mac.com
Fri Aug 14 17:44:34 BST 2020

Thanks for the response. As I looked closer it seems that the files DID get saved but they just went back into the folder where the original RAW file was stored.

I guess I’ll have to work on getting more familiar with the interface since I saw that dialog as a “Save As” which defines the target folder for the new file.


> On Aug 14, 2020, at 12:52 AM, digikam-users-request at kde.org wrote:
> The filter in the file dialog is set to JPG. Are there JPG files in the 
> folder? Files other than JPG will not be displayed, this is completely normal.
> Maik
> Am Donnerstag, 13. August 2020, 17:34:12 CEST schrieb Michael Muscato:
>> I installed digikam 7.0.0 on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.6.
>> I pointed it to an SSD drive and it generated an album with proper folder
>> structure. It all looks good.
>> But I can’t seem to accomplish one seeminly simple function. I opened a RAW
>> image and made a few basic edits. As you can see in the attached I then
>> tried to export it to a JPEG. But nothing appears in the target folder.
>> I assume that I’m missing some basic setting but so far haven’t found
>> anything in the PDF manual or FAQ’s.
>> In OS X Privacy/Security settings digikam has been granted full disk access
>> so I’m covered there. Any ideas? Thanks.
>> MM

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