[digiKam-users] MySQL/sqlite and NAS

Henrique Santos Fernandes sf.rique at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 18:33:47 BST 2020


I've use digikam since version 2 or so until 5 I guess and I use to love it.

I kind of stopped using it because I moved to a NAS and this NAS isn't
available where I am living now.
Anyway, I am trying to get back using digikam to manage my photos/videos

The first question is, does MySQL still experimental?

And the next would be, would I be able to just use the same database or
should I update each major version beforehand?

I was using SQL, also I have pretty much everything saved as a sidecar and
at the file's metadata, but I don't know about the videos, I used to have
problems with metadata and videos.

I would like to move to MySQL, so I can host at the same NAS, and basically
I wouldn't have anything locally at my machine. I still need to spend some
time reading about the remote collections and such to understand the best
setup. Basically I have m own laptop that won't hold much data, but I don't
have access to the NAS often, or using a VPN but it's very very slow. The
goal is only to use digikam when at NAS location.

Thanks, digikam is great and I need to get back and organize all my
pics/videos again.


Henrique Santos Fernandes
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