[digiKam-users] core database in different location

Jasper Knockaert jasper at knockaert.nl
Wed Aug 5 19:22:29 BST 2020


 From my understanding of the database setup, only the core database 
should be backed up, as the other databases can be regenerated.

I was wondering if there is a way to store the core database in a 
location different from the other databases. That would allow to sync it 
to a webfolder. Provided that the core database is much smaller in size 
compared to the other databases, I would ideally want the other files 
not to be synced. I've trying to use a symlink approach (with in the 
database folder a symlink to the core database which is stored in 
another folder), but digiKam seems not to like that. Any suggestion?

Best regards


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